Perfect Silence.

E8 Sealed For Sound.

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Zack Franklin

I'm on public transit and planes almost everyday, I don't know how I'd survive without my Cowin E8's and HE-1s. Great Sound Quality and the Noise Cancellation makes sure the only thing I hear is my music. 

Mike (E8 Amazon Review)

I have used a number of headsets over the past several years and these are hands down the best of them all. The sound quality is absolutely incredible, especially for wireless. These rival the best and the most expensive in the business, at a fraction of the cost.

I own 2 other pairs of Cowin headphones and I have been pleased with both of them but the E8 blows them out of the water. The bass is the most improved from the E7 and is now rich and deep.

The noise cancelation function is absolutely phenomenal. We have quite a loud vent in the office I share at work and my coworker and I kept switching these headphones, amazed that the sound of the vent completely faded away.

Matthew (Amazon Review for the Cowin 6110)

Bose who? Beats what? COWIN is the audio devices to look into.

I was very surprised at the quality of this speaker. Crisp, clear quality with good highs, and lows. Very simple to use, and fits anywhere. I highly reccomend putting the beats pill down or the $250 JBL speakers down, and trying one of these out. Sounds better than most $150-$250 speakers. I love it.

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