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Awesome Speaker!

My kids use this in the shower and in the pool and even in their room at night! They love the lights on it! Very sturdy. Good sound!

Bought this as a housewarming gift for a friend with a pool and she is very happy with it! Great sound and lights are fun addition.

Amazing summer find

This was a gift for my mother-in-law and her new pool. This was an amazing summer find, who doesn't love relaxing and listening to music on a sunny day!

It is waterproof

This product is the best!!! It has great battery life and sound quality!!!

Loud really loud

Works great battery stays full and really fun for the whole family

We use it in our hot tub

We bought this speaker to use in our hot tub after twice replacing the speakers that came with the tub. This speaker is absolutely waterproof and produces sound quality as good as the audio unit in the tub. Worth the money!

You won't regret this purchase

LOVE this. Bought for my daughter in law, she uses it in her hot tub almost nightly. She brings it over for pool use in the summer.

Great pool speaker

This is a GREAT pool speaker! We use it all the time.

Worth it 100%

Very nice works great for long car rides battery last a while wich is nice very good sound as well


I use my headphones while I am at work. I able tune out?all the background noise and just focus on my work with my favorite music playing. The sound quality is great and I love the bass, and you can't beat the price. Furthermore, if your decideding betweens these or some beats you won't regret buying these. I'm very happy with my purchase and am glad I decided to go to Cowin.

You will be happy with your purchase!

I am a business executive who needs ANC headphones for travel and for use at home. I also don't like to throw away?my investors heard earned money. After my last pair of noise cancelling Bose headphones (a gift from my wife) lost their ear pad and eventually broke, it was time for a new pair. I was looking for great sound, ear comfort, ANC and look? I was initially a little skeptical that Cowin could meet these requirements, but felt that I could always return them if required. My Cowin SE7 ANC headphones have exceeded expectations. I hope Cowin continues to develop and market high quality headphones! Buy a pair and you will not regret it!

Came with many scratches

For new $120 headphones I expected to get a product without multiple areas of paint damage. It looks like it's caused from being folded up and the parts rubbing against each other. I could live with that but the headset creaks when I move my head and that's a bit distracting.

Good product for your money

These are quality headphones. Great sound and sound cancelling with these headsets.

Impressed with the NC

I finally got to spend some time using these while flying. I am used to using Sennheisers as I have had the same ones for many years. So, I have something to compare.First off, I will tell you that I was impressed by the noise cancellation. When I put these on, they immediately deadened a lot of the ambient noise from the crowds and the plane. As well they should, as they are over-the-ear styled headphones. Then, I switched on the NC and everything went dead. By that I mean that any remaining noise that I was hearing pretty much disappeared. I can't believe the reduction in noise. I needed to remove the headphones to hear any announcements or I would just watch lips move.As far as comfort, not bad. I will admit this is my first over-the-ear type of headphones, so I can't really compare to others. I did appear that one of my ears just would not fit correctly inside one of the phones, and over time, I did notice a slight pressure on the sides of my head. I can't say that I fault the phones for an imperfect fit. Maybe my gourd isn't quite average. After all these aren't custom-made for me alone.Anyways, I would buy these again and recommend them to friends.

Stylish and dependable.

Love the colors available and quality of this item! Noise cancellation on its own is worth it. Quality sound and super comfortable on the ears (like a cloud) - love using them at the gym.

Premium headphones for a bargain. Excellent quality.

Very good active noise cancellation when compared to other similar priced headphones. Sound is clear and crisp. Really well buillt good looking and comfortable to wear the whole day. Minimal but does a very good job. Battery life Iis great.

Budget headphones with ANC that's comparable to $300.00 ones!

Like what my title says, these headphones perform as expected.PROS:- Comfort: It's very soft. I've worn it continuously for 4 hours and only at the 4th hour did it start to actually bother me!- Active Noise Cancelling: It works really well when you're in public. It drowns out any unwanted noise! Please do consider turning it off while walking outside, you don't want to get hit by a vehicle!- Battery life: I use it for about 3-4 hours a day and I'm on the 2nd week of using it without charging it since I received it.- Weight: It's pretty light!- Sound quality: Good bass, specially if you use equalizer, and I'd dare say it's comparable to $300.00 ones. A good balance on highs, mids, and lows.CONS:- Color selection: I wish there were more!- USB type: In my opinion, they could have easily used USB C, but for the price, I can't really complain that much!Overall, I would really and honestly recommend this product for people who wants to start using headphones with ANC.

Great headphones at a good price

These are great headphones. I use them mostly at work and really like that I can use them wirelessly via Bluetooth and wired as well (hooked up to pc). No complaints. Great value.

Comfortable headphones with great sound

I have used a few in-ear & on ear type earphones including Sennheiser, Apple, Skullcandy. I also use a truly wireless for workouts but wanted to try ANC for work (without pinching my pockets for Bose or Sony). I have used this for a few days before putting up this review.These headphones look Slick the earmuffs are soft. I have used these for a few hours at a stretch every day & there was no neck pain or discomfort due to the clamping as with some other products.Pairing was quick and easy. The buttons are easy to find and use. Ambient mode would have been a good addition though but at this price I am not complaining.ANC works well, I used these at work and it did its job well reduces the humming of the AC. It removes most of the clutter/ low frequency noise and the ear muffs also provide some noise isolation.They claim to have 30hrs of battery life with ANC mode on and I am not sure how many exact hours I have used these for but even after a few days, I haven charged them again.Pros:Good sound?Decent bass without the ANC?Ear muffs are soft & replaceable?Led light and voice playback for connection indication. Foldable & had a carrying case?Very comfortable & light weight?No latency (I tried with YouTube mostly)?Bluetooth 5.0: Easy connection with mobile, good range?branding is subtleCons:With ANC mode on the low frequencies sound a little different (but can easily be managed with an EQ app if you are a Bass head).Ambient mode (like some of the high end models would have been a nice add on)

Best headphones ever!

When I had the chance to try these headphones out, I immediately fell in love! Allow me to first start off by saying, the branding for these headphones makes them stand out, they don't have crazy big eatst?logos on them or some silly look to them when you wear them, they look pretty cool and feel extremely comfortable. The headphones block out a decent amount of background noise while you are wearing them and of course do a much better job while listening to audio. The bass isn't too overwhelming but the audio is clear and loud. I will be recommending this to friends and family that are looking for a new set of amazing headphones. Thanks so much Cowin!

Comfy and great sound quality

Very comfortable headphones with a very decent sound quality, will definitely recommend it with this price point.Good Job Cowin


Great headphones with a good price

Great quality, low price

Better than Bose in fit and comfort