COWIN E8 | PerfectQuiet Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones



  • Powerful silence – the next generation of Active Noise Cancellation technology dramatically blocks the external noise.
  • Easy on the ears. Comfortable over-ear protein earpads greatly improve wearing comfort.
  • Dependable. Detachable, magnetic ear cushions allow for easy replacement and cleaning.
  • What interruptions?  allows for an extended range with fewer drop-outs than ever.
  • Lasts all week. Up to 20-hour rechargeable battery – charge and go.
  • Speak Easy. Voice-optimized microphone makes you be heard more clearly even when it’s windy or noisy.
  • Relentless. Supports charging while listening.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 575 reviews
Great Sound Quality and Active Noise Cancellation

The E8 upgraded has way better sounds quality. I am absolutely amazed. This is my second pair of Cowin Headphones. My original pair was the E7. I didn't specifically get them for the noise cancelling feature, but did notice that it did not eliminate noise as much as I would have preferred. Also the back button stopped working about 7 months in.The E8 upgraded's noise cancellation feature is very good. I can not hear my husband talking her playing his video games while I work in the same room with these on. They seem to even cancel noise before the headphones are turned on. The ear cups are larger than the E7 and the headset is a bit heavier overall. But that was mentioned in the product description. The battery life on these is around 20 hours as compared to the 32/36 hours of the E7 but the sound quality is way better. The biggest down side for me is that there is no way to pause your music using just the headset. You have to hit the pause button on whatever device you are listening from. This does irritate me, but I'm sure I will get used to it. Overall this is a great product and I would highly recommend. Cowin's customer service is also very prompt. I intend on buying their Bluetooth speakers for my car as well.

Everything is perfect, packaging, accessories!

When I got the E8, I felt that the box was big, but the details inside really attracted me: 1. Its box is like a house, the design is very cute; 2. The zipper is very smooth and has something like a keychain, very easy to carry; 3. When you open the zipper, you will find that the earphone is fixed by the velcro strap, and the installed box is specially recessed, and the earphone is placed inside and will not fall. There is also a layer of boxes outside the headphones, and the packaging is very good. And there is 1 US dollar on the bag. As long as I upload the photo, they will donate one US dollar to UNICEF. This is a very attractive place for me. I also provide you with suggestions for buying if you are looking for good sound quality headphones, this is very suitable, and as long as you register a VIP, you can extend the warranty for 6 months, it means 18 months. This is very intimate!

Great Quality Headphones

These are the 3rd pair of Cowin headphones that I have owned, each successively better. The E8 are, for the money, the best BT headphones that I have owned. The fit, quality (Sound & noise suppression) are excellent. I would have to spend 2x the amount to get a better pair. Very happy with the purchase!

Can't believe the value at this price

At this pric point I feel that they have more than exceeded my expectations. Of course the noice cancellation isn't perfect and the sound quality is not the absolute best, but I promise if you are not impressed with how great they are at this price point the first perain you show them to will be. They are exactly what I was looking for.

Good bass

Pretty tight on the head...good sound quality and comfortable. I like the noise canceling, it works.


Very nice headphones. Noise cancelling is great. Audio quality is amazing compared to high end headphones. Battery life is good. Connecting was fast and easy.

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