COWIN HE5A | Sport Free Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

  • Up to 8 hours battery life (2.5 hours charging time)
  • Powerful & Dynamic sound
  • Advanced noise cancelling technology (HE5A delivers high-fidelity audio with little distortion and significantly reduce the outside noise while still keeping you aware of circumstances that may endanger you when you are doing sports on the street.)
  • Full metal control panel & Break-resistant cable for maximized protection and durability
  • Tangle-free magnetic earbuds
  • Ergonomic design & Lightweight & Flexible
  • Sweat & Weather resistant

    Customer Reviews

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    Let me point out that the Micro USB cable has a small glitch on attaching/connecting it correctly when it needs charging; luckly I had a second Micro USB cable when I bought a Cowin headphone thru Amazon. Then later I tested the Micro USB Cable that came with my headphones on the Cowin HE5A and it worked

    So good bought second set

    This is my second set. So comfortable don’t notice they are present. Sound is much better than any other earphones. I use them for walking and slow jogging.

    incredible sound

    i consider myself a bit of an audiophile and i absolutely love the sound coming out if these i own a lot of headphones and earbuds and these are top notch, they pair easily and music sound awesome in them, and also when using them with your phone making and receiving calls is simply and the audio quality is great, i now prefer these over a separate bluetooth headset for the calls, i'm going to be using these from now on another important thing to mention is great battery life and also very comfortable fit for long hours of daily use i highly recommend these

    Noise canceling function is very impressive!

    I use this headphone to listen to music.
    And use noise canceling function to cancel air-condition noise.
    The battery life is very long. I can use it all day!

    Best headphones EVER !!!

    1. Appearance: the HE5A does not disappoint at all, good looking headphones, All black with a Crome band at the ear plugs. Nice strong plastic but flexible and soft enough to go hug securely around your neck. They stay firm around you neck while the wires with the earpieces attaches firmly together with a magnet which makes it feel secure in your neck while not using to hear music or placing a call. The ear cushions are soft and fit confortable at the entrance off the ear canal. Even jumping or running this earpieces wont fall down. With several size in ear cushions that can adapt for each person ear shape. The controls are easy to use on one side while the USB port stand at the other side.
    2. Sound quality: I connected to my IPhone XS to listen music from the cloud and the sound was clear and perfect, rich and in tune. When I walked to the street I activated the Active Noise Control and it muffle the street and car sounds like I would be using a regular over the ear headphone. In my opinion it reduce outside noice to a nice 80%even 90% barely hear the car and traffic and of course playing music make it even better no distraction from the outside. Just my music and me. I play from classical to Rock to Techno and Trance and the sound was perfect each time with each kind of music.; at the Gym it reduces the noice of machines and people almost completely so all you hear is your music.
    3. MIC function: making calls was easy, just like dialing, the music stop, and the call takes over. Very clear sound and the micrfono as well people in the other side though I just change phones because could hear me perfectly like I were taking from inside a building. Very clear and without weird noises or cuts like sometimes happen in other Bluetooth headpieces. When you receive a call it actually tells you about the incoming call.
    4. Comfort: confort its key with every headphone, the HE5A are very comfortable round the neck and in place around my ears if were not for the wires that ...