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E8 Perfect Quiet Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Rose Pink



  • Limited quantity,First come, First served.
  • Professional Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology.
  • Superior Sound Quality. The superior sound quality of the E8 is 25% stronger than that of our earlier E7 model.
  • The over-ear cushions on the E8 are designed with a 90° rotation axis to help the headphones fit snugly to your head.
  • Built-in Microphone and Bluetooth.
  • COWIN E8 headphones have a rechargeable 545mAh battery that, with ANC or Bluetooth on, has a 20-hour life to it

Lose Noise

Our Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) mainly focus on cancelling out lower frequency sounds like engines, aviation environment, trains, traffic noise etc, so our valuable customers can focus on their music, movies, or books without being disturbed by outside noises.

ANC does not cancel out noises like snoring, talking, music or high frequency sounds etc.

Lose Wires

Get rid of the wire bonds, but without compromising sound quality.

Compatible with Android/iOS smartphones and tablets; MP3, MP4; iPod; PC; TV and other Bluetooth enabled devices within 33 feet.

Amazing Sound

Precise guitars, clear vocals, clean bass and crisp percussion.

Discover sound quality that brings out the best in your music—including subtle details you may never have noticed.

Amazing Gifts for Your Family

You can buy it for yourself and your family, or friends as the nice gifts, help them away from noise and enjoy music.

Come with a piano adapter and a airplane flight adapter.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1479 reviews
Grady Y.
Cowing E8

I had the cowing e7 but unfortunately I lost them at a overnight stay at motel. I just recently purchased the E8 and although I thought the E7 had great sound these are even better. Definitely better noise cancelling. I have only used for a week but so far they are great.

Omar R.
Good price and quality 👌

Good price,sound and quality.
Use these daily for crossfit works.
2 weeks in, no issues so far.

Kadzooks great headphones

Great headset amazing sound quality have never had a set like this with all the ones I've had these are the best

Jerry B.G.
Sweet sounds across multiple devices

I have had a hard time finding a solid set of bluetooth headphones that were worth the money. I took a chance and grabbed the Cowin E8's and have loved my decision. I have had them for several months now and will say they are excellent. The ANC feature is wonderful it provides just the right amount of noise cancelling, without impact audio quality. I have these paired with my phone, tablet and laptop and listen to books, music and watch movies.

If you are looking for a great set of bluetooth headphones, look no further and buy these!

Gorgeous, comfortable, good sound

These are gorgeous. Come very professionally packaged, with a solid carrying case, complete with carabiner. Also comes with a wide assortment of connectors you might need.

They are very comfortable. I could wear these all day. And night.

The noise cancelling functionality is also good. Too good maybe. People keep sneaking up on me in the office. I don't hear any obvious difference in sound quality when the ANC is on, which is a good thing.

The sound quality is really great. I tested it on a few tracks I've listened to hundreds of times, but I heard new parts of the songs I'd never noticed.

Brad G.
A Must Have and Upgrade if You Love the Cowin E7

As a previous owner of the E7s, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect of the E8s but after checking a few reviews of it, I pulled the purchase trigger. Right away I could tell the product was built at a lot higher level based on the packaging, the headphone case, accessories, and headphones alone.

The main element which is the headphones itself are extremely comfortable, especially for long periods of times. That is something I struggled with on the E7s, after a few hours they began to hurt my ears. The sound quality is also upgraded quite a bit. I haven't had the chance to wear them on an airplane yet but so far the Noise Cancelation is my favorite part.

Overall give these headphones a try, especially with the long warranty provided by Cowin!