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Payment Guide

 Payment Guide

There are three methods of payment.

1.(1) Click PayPal, then complete order.
   (2)If you have a PayPal account, log in.

2.(1) If not, you can pay by credit or debit card.

(2)Choose your Country/Region.

(3)Input your card number, it's expired and your name.

(4)Complete your billing address and contact information.

(5)Check “Save my payment info and create a PayPal account, then click “Pay Now”.

3.(1) Click Credit/Debit Card, then complete order.

(2)Fill in your name and surname, then input your card number, it's expired and Security Code. Click Pay immediately.

Afghanistan,  American Samoa, Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia,  Crimea, region of , Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guam, Iceland, Iran, Iraq,Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of, Libya , Mongolia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, US Virgin Islands, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Albania, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Jamaica, Laos, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Uganda,Vanuatu

The following are common reasons for payment failure

Higk Risk

We have received your order.

But your payment has not been processed at this time, we are sorry for any inconvenience.


1.Please make sure your credit card is valid and you have entered your card information correctly. 

2.Please contact with our website coustomer’s servise directly and we will help you immediately.  

3.If your transaction was declined, please use another card to pay



Do not honour, Cannot Complete, Violation Of The Law, Function Not Permitted to Cardholder, Restricted Card, Refer to Issuer



Due to the reason of your credit/debit card issuing bank, your payment was not be approved.

There are some very important information can help you to complete the payment:

  1. Youcan call your credit/debit card issuing bank to let them know you are the card holder and the      payment was making by you. It will be 100% successful if the issuing bank receives your phone, it is the best way to fix the problem.
  1. Youmay be warned from your issuing bank that the payment is a crossborder transaction. Please don't worry about that, because the website uses a Hongkong's bank as the acquiring bank. The transaction issafe, please contact us if you have any question.
  2. Thesimplest way is you to pay again or change another card

CVV Validation Error

The CVV Verify code written is wrong. Please fill in the correct CVV Verify code and complete the payment.


For the above countries, please use the first and second payment methods

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:support.global@cowinaudio.com