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COWIN E7 PRO | [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones




  • Professional Active Noise Cancelling Technology.
  • Much Better Sound. Proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers provide you with deep, accurate bass response. 
  • Upgraded Soft Ear Cushions for Comfort with The professional protein earpad and 90 swiveling earcups.
  • Much Higher-quality Built-in Microphone and BT 4.0.
  • 30-hour playtime per full charge at Bluetooth mode. A built-in 800mAh battery won't allow your headphones power off.

Lose noise

Our Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) mainly focus on cancelling out lower frequency sounds like engines, aviation environment, trains, traffic noise etc, so our valuable customers can focus on their music, movies, or books without being disturbed by outside noises. ANC does not cancel out noises like snoring, talking, music or high frequency sounds etc.

Awesome Music

Precise guitars, clear vocals, clean bass and crisp percussion. Discover sound quality that brings out the best in your music—including subtle details you may never have noticed.

Long playtime

30+hour playtime per full charge at Bluetooth mode or ANC mode. A built-in 800mAh battery won't allow your headphones power off, you can enjoy your world without noise for 30+hours' long time.

Lose wires

Hassle-free wireless is simpler than ever: Bluetooth connections are quick and easy. Get rid of the wire bonds, but without compromising sound quality. Only you and music, pure and free.

Great choice for your family

Great gift for your family. You can buy it for yourself and your family, or friends as the nice gifts, help them away from the noise and enjoy music.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4858 reviews
Michelle M.
Amazing audio

So I’m sitting watching a Nordic crime show wearing my new E7 Pro headphones, and while the main actors are talking, I can hear a man’s voice in my right ear. I looked down at the dog and the dog’s ears are cocked like he’d heard something, too. I thought my daughter’s boyfriend must’ve shown up, and that’s who I was hearing. But when I removed the headphones, I couldn’t hear anybody, so I put them back on my head again, and there was that man’s voice in my right ear, again, in addition to the main characters speaking. Then I figured out what it was. The headset was picking up another actor speaking in the background of the TV show and it was his voice I was hearing. Totally amazed by that. Usually I have a hard time hearing what people are saying in headphones and headsets. But with this headphone, speech is crystal clear. The color green is lush. I’m going to get purple next for my daughter. The cushioning around the ear is extremely comfortable, too.

Just what I needed

I needed some decent noise canceling headphones for work. They work great for blocking out conversations in the work room when I need to concentrate. I like the option to plug them in as well. Thanks for having them at a reasonable price!

Brian S.

This is actually my second pair. I use them as studio headphones at my control desk AND in my booth. Top notch

Jaylene L.
Amazing sound

Sounds really good when i am listening to music and have it on noose cancelling mode also I can barely hear anyone or the tv when its one.

Rose B.
Value and Quality

Arrived quickly in great condition. I was pleasantly surprised with the light hard case. Easy to connect to BT. Nice sound and bass. Noise canceling good too. I’m happy with this purchase. They are comfortable which is a plus. I’m bedridden from a fractured hip on top of a total knee replacement. Music is my main pleasure now. They are right here beside me in my bed.

Thomas M.
Pleasantly Surprised

I received my upgraded Cowin E7 Pro {Upgraded} Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones in a couple of days, and I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. The package had some weight to it, which in my opinion, generally means a quality product. The packaging was first rate. The decorative box was attractive and well made a keeper for storage. I was also surprised to find a quality travel hardcase included in the box. The headphones are also attractive, comfortable, and well built. The sound quality is fantastic for both music and games! I’m an audiophile that has dumped a lot of green over the years into my home audio/video equipment. I primarily bought them because since Covitt19 I started playing WOWS. The ships guns firing, and the explosions can be annoying to others. The Conwin’s base is great, and the sound separation really adds realism to the game! I tried some $200.00 plus headsets in various stores. I’ll keep the Cowin’s. Also, this product is set up to make a great gift. A gift, with some class and enjoyment for years. Thanks, T.M.G.