Cowin E7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Listen all week. 30 Hours playtime & charge for 10 mins & get over 1hr of playback.
  • Put some bass in your Bluetooth. 45mm Drivers with high dynamic bass response.
  •  Easy on the ears. Our ear cushions are ergonomic & protein based with 90° swivel.
  • What interruptions?  CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.1 chip allows extended range with fewer drop-outs than any previous Cowin model.
  • Speak Easy. Built-in voice-optimized microphone take phone calls hands-free.
  • You're in control, Pause, play, skip & adjust the volume on the headset.
  • Relentless. Charge & listen at the same time, never be without music.



E7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Customer Reviews

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i LOVE my headphones!! The BEST in every way!!

These headphones are absolutely awesome! My husband bought them for me for a trip from San Diego to Hong Kong. Having these available for the 16-hour flight was the best! Great noise canceling and the sound is great. Also they are extremely comfortable! Sometimes my old headphones gave me headaches. Never happened with these! It made the trip so much more enjoyable than last year when I went with the cheaper crummy pair of low-end headphones. I highly recommend these. You won’t be sorry!

They really are. Noise reduced and soft ear friendly!!

No neeed to buy others over pricy competitors just because of their NAME... this is great quality Headphones! Treble is perfect and you can even feel the Bass ! Watching movies is the Best part !

The sound is Great

I love the Cowin E7 5 Stars from me, They are very comfortable, the material is great and the sound is very clear.

Best Wireless Headphones

Work very well, comfortable, and the sound quality is top notch & does a great job at canceling out noise bought these for myself and will be buying another pair for my boyfriend as well

I like em' ☆♡☆♡☆ :○)

I'm satisfied with the overall performance of these headphones & the price was great!

Also, the weight of the headphones are good, the ear pads are nice and soft ☆ and most importantly ☆ these play very well!!!! :○)

Soooooo totally satisfied

Fantastic Sound, Incredible Quality, High End Feel

I am beyond pleased with my purchase of the COWIN E7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. I have not utilized the mic, but have used these headphones while traveling for work, and at home when I need to be doing something different than the rest of the family but would like to be in the same room. I don't feel silly wearing these, and feel like they look as stylish as more expensive brands, and they don't give off that bargain-bin vibe. My husband was very hesitant when I chose this pair over the $200+ pair he wanted to buy me, but after tons of research these headphones seemed as consistent as more expensive options. I also then compared headphones of a similar price point and could not find anything that seemed to come close to the quality. I edit audio and video as part of my work, and I am super impressed with the sound quality. I also have small ears, and have never liked earbuds (maybe because I've been working with audio and video since before the inception of earbuds. hah!). These are super-comfortable, and very adjustable, and I've been able to wear them for hours upon hours without my ears or head aching, which is a first for any set of headphones I've ever used.

I will definitely be purchasing this same set in the future, if not multiple pair, as it is a perfect gift for ANYONE!